Our members are strictly merchants, residents and neighborhood groups from the Dickerson Road community. When the Dickerson Road Merchants' Association (DRMA) was formed in February of 1997, we faced a neighborhood in transition. There were the historic problems of "drugs and prostitution" and the negative stigma attached to the Dickerson Pike area. On the positive side is the tremendous potential of the area, the optimism of the merchants and the residents, and the major positive changes happening in our part of the city. With our new community bookends, The Coliseum and Skyline Medical Center, the potential of the Dickerson Road area is unlimited. Other major positive projects in our area include the construction of the River Chase Apartments, the construction of the new AM/PM Market, Subway and Godfather's Pizza as well as the approval of Nashville Commons at Skyline, a new $75,000,000.00 shopping center to be built across from Skyline Medical Center. Most recently additional funding has been acquired through DRMA efforts in amounts totaling more that 1.9 million dollars in enhancements grants for improvements south of Douglas Ave. We are continuing to work toward viable, permanent solutions to create a positive, lasting change in our community. We have shown that we are serious, and willing to do our part by standing together as businesses and neighbors. In light of our efforts, the politicians and other city officials are listening and supporting our efforts. The DRMA has forged an effective partnership of organizations, including the Metropolitan Planning Department, the Metro Police Department, the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods, local politicians, neighborhood groups, residents and community resource agencies. In the spring of 2000, the DRMA worked closely with the Metro Planning Department to develop a new Dickerson Pike Commercial Area Plan entitled "Planning to Stay." This comprehensive planning document addresses future plans for the community in areas such as Image, Business, Safety and Community. Through the DRMA's interaction with the Metro Police department, a major anti-crime initiative is underway and producing results. Crime is down and property values are up. Through the efforts of the DRMA, a "Clean-Up Dickerson Road" project is underway. This is an ongoing project and clean-up days will be held on a regular basis.

Remember, if those of us who live and work here aren't willing to be involved in our community, why should any one care? The DRMA members are committed to staying in our community and creating a great place to live and work. We have united our efforts to positively change this area. We invite you to join us. We're planning to stay.

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